May 5, 2015 - San Francisco

Masdevallia Billion-Nims 'Red Tide'
(Masd. Falcon Sunrise x Masd. Annette Hall)
FCC 91
Exhibited by Ken Cook

Award 20152297

All awards considered pending until published in the AOS Orchids Plus. Pictures are not the AOS Award photos. Descriptions are subject to revision in final publication.

 Measurements in cm.
 NS  5.3  NSV  15.0
 DSW  2.2  DSL  9.0
 PETW  0.3  PETL  0.2
 LSW  2.4  LSL  8.8
 LIPW  0.2  LIPL  0.2
 # flwrs

 # buds

 # infl



 Description: Two well presented flat flowers on two inflorescences; sepals base color orange, veins red, blue hirsute; caudae deep orange with blue hirsute; petals white; lip dark maroon; substance firm; texture crystalline.


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