August 28, 2015 - Peninsula Orchid Society Meeting

Bulbophyllum fascinator 'Gilbert'
AM 80
Exhibited by Carol Zoltowski

Award 20152369

All awards considered pending until published in the AOS Orchids Plus. Pictures are not the AOS Award photos. Descriptions are subject to revision in final publication.

 Measurements in cm.
 NS  1.6  NSV  19.5
 DSW  1.4  DSL  3.1
 PETW  0.7  PETL  2.0
 LSW  2.6  LSL  15.5
 LIPW  0.7  LIPL  2.0
 # flwrs

 # buds

 # infl



 Description: Five flowers on five inflorescences; flower base color chartreuse; dorsal sepal striped dark burgundy centrally, hirsute margins; lateral sepals heavily overlaid intense burgundy, fading to green distally, tips twisted; petals thin burgundy stripes, hirsute marginally; lip hinged, intense burgundy; substance firm; texture pebbled.


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