March 18, 2016 - Gold Coast Cymbidium Growers Show

Laelia Canariensis 'Golden Glow'
(Laelia anceps x Cattleya harpophylla)
CCM 80
Exhibited by Bill Weaver

Award 20162334

All awards considered pending until published in the AOS Orchids Plus. Pictures are not the AOS Award photos. Descriptions are subject to revision in final publication.

 Measurements in cm.
 NS  9.0  NSV  10.0
 DSW  1.6  DSL  5.2
 PETW  2.2  PETL  5.0
 LSW  2.3  LSL  5.1
 LIPW  2.5  LIPL  3.9
 # flwrs

 # buds

 # infl



 Description: Eighty-six flowers and 49 buds on 53 up-to 52-cm tall inflorescences filling a 38-cm round pot; plant 102cm wide, pseudobulbs up to 16.5cm x 3cm, leaves up to 26.3cm x 5.1cm; sepals and petals yellow; lip yellow, darker yellow in center, veined red in throat; substance medium; texture matte.


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