April 18, 2016 - Oakland

Mycaranthes pannea 'Kayla Langland'
CCM 82
Exhibited by Chaunie Langland

Award 20162352

All awards considered pending until published in the AOS Orchids Plus. Pictures are not the AOS Award photos. Descriptions are subject to revision in final publication.

 Measurements in cm.
 NS  2.0  NSV  1.8
 DSW  0.5  DSL  1.0
 PETW  0.4  PETL  0.8
 LSW  0.9  LSL  1.0
 LIPW  0.3  LIPL  0.8
 # flwrs

 # buds

 # infl



 Description: Forty-two flowers and 35 buds on 18 inflorescences growing rambling and branching in a flat 25-cm x 18-cm pot; sepals golden on the front, pubescent white on reverse; petals golden; lip caramel, apical keel yellow; anther cap yellow; substance soft; texture matte.


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