January 16, 2017 - Oakland

Cymbidium erythaeum 'Memoria Vence Brown'
HCC 78
Exhibited by Tom Pickford

Award 20174147

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 Measurements in cm.
 NS  6.6  NSV  3.1
 DSW  0.9  DSL  5.0
 PETW  0.7  PETL  4.5
 LSW  0.8  LSL  4.0
 LIPW  1.5  LIPL  6.4
 # flwrs

 # buds

 # infl



 Description: Sixty flowers and on six semi-arching inflorescences held well above the leaves; sepals and petals green overlaid mahogany speckles and stripes; lip white, irregular cordovan markings, throat and side lobes yellow, denser cordovan markings; substance firm; texture matte.


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