Pacific Central Judging Center

Self Study Course A - Revised 6/2003


As you feel you have completed these sections you will be administered tests to insure that you have indeed learned the lessons. Please let the training coordinator know when you complete each section.

Section I


  Subject  Reference
 History  Handbook Section 1.2, AQ 18:2(90)
 Judging Committee  Handbook Chapter 2
 Judging Center Committees  Handbook Chapter 3
 Judging Centers  Handbook Section 1.3, Orchids, AOS Almanac
 Judges  Handbook Chapter 4
 Awards  Handbook Chapter 6
 Handbook  Handbook Section 1.4, changes published in AQ
 Awards Quarterly  Handbook Section 1.5
 Other Judging Systems
Source(s) of Information
 AQ 15:3(109)


Section II


 Subject  Source(s) of Information
 Purpose of granting awards  Handbook section 6.1
 Submission, care & disposition of plants  Handbook section 5.3, 5.4
 General Rules  Handbook section 5.5.2
 Materials  Handbook section 5.2
 Judging Definitions  Handbook section 5.5.1
 Team Composition  Handbook section 6.1
 Team Captain  See Attachment A (below)
 Procedure  Handbook section
 Recording Results  Handbook section 5.5.3,, 5.5.4
 Provisional Awards  Handbook section,


Section III

Mechanics of judging

It should be noted that many of these sources are only the tip of the iceberg, feel free to look below the waterline.

 Subject  Source(s) of information
 Use of references & literature  AQ 16:1(19)
 Selection of Point Scale  Handbook Sections 7.1.1 - 7.3.5
 Measurements  Handbook Section 7.5, 7.5.1, 7.5.2
 Descriptions  Handbook sections 7.5, 7.5.3, Awards Quarterly Stylebook, 'Descriptive Terminology for the Orchid Judge' by Kenneth S. Wilson


Section IV

Evaluation of Plant Material

 Subject  Source(s) of information
 Quality Awards  Handbook sections 7.1.1, 7.1.9, 7.2.5 - 7.2.7, AQ 11:1(20), 17:4(209)
 Cultural Awards  Handbook sections 6.2.7, 6.2.8, 7.3.1,
AQ 9:4(116), 13:1(36), 15:1(23), 19:3(150)
 Botanical & Horticultural Awards  Handbook sections 6.2.9, 6.2.10, 7.3.2,
AQ 9:1(16), 10:3(79), 17:1(29), 18:3(149)
 JC, AD, and AQ Awards  Handbook sections 6.2.4, 6.2.5, 6.2.6,
AQ 9:3(84), 10:4(112)
 Nax, Butterworth and Wilson Awards  Handbook sections -,
AQ 15:1(24)


Section V

Show Judging


 Subject  Source(s) of information
 Show Judging  Handbook section 5.6, Handbook Part II sections 3.9 and Chapter IV
 Judging Chairman  Handbook sections 5.6.4,
 Team Composition  Handbook Part II section 3.9.1 and Chapter IV
 Objectivity and Conflict of Interest  Handbook sections 4.8, Part II chapter IV, AQ 11:1(21), 15:2(68)
 Conduct and Courtesy  Handbook section 4.8, AQ 11:1(21)


 Attachment A

Responsibilities of the Team Captain


1. Oversee that judging is expedited and each plant is given a fair evaluation.

2. If no award is given, make sure the trainees know why the flower or plant was rejected.

3. If no award is given, make sure an Exhibitor's Critique sheer (if one is used) is filled out and put with the plant.

4. If a flower or plant is awarded. Make sure that:

a) points are averaged correctly and the point spread is not over six points
b) if the team has more probationary judges than allowed, it is clear which one(s) will be counted.
c) name and cross of plant is spelled correctly, and cross is listed correctly.
d) description is legible and correct, and sign entry form.
e) the photographer is told which flower is to be photographed.
f) if the award is provisional, tell the photographer.
g) all paperwork is handed to the chairman of judges in good order.